Personal Services

Afftech offers our non-business clients the same excellent high level of service that our corporate clients need.  The best part is we are able to do it at a very affordable rate.

All of these services are available at your home or in our office.

Below are some of the common services we provide.


Is your computer not booting? Have you been hit with an electrical surge? Does your system not turn on ? We repair all types of computer problems, from power supplies to system boards. If it doesn’t work we can fix it!

Viruses and Spyware

Viruses and Spyware are a leading cause of computer problems. Viruses & Spyware make your computer run slow, cause Windows to crash, and even cause data loss. Some of the worst viruses will reformat your drive making it nearly impossible to retrieve your data. Many will steal your credit card information, passwords to financial websites, and record your every keystroke.  Some of the worst spyware will act like a legitimate program while causing severe damage.

Make sure you are safe by taking advantage of our FREE Virus and Spyware scans. This will give you the piece of mind you need to safely use your computer.

Tune Ups

Is your computer running slow and taking too long to boot? Is your high speed internet running slower than your old dial-up? YOU NEED A TUNE UP! A tune up is like basic maintenance on a car. We recommend getting a tune up every 6 months. This keeps your computer running in tip top shape. It also keeps the corruption from building up in Windows causing a crash, or even worse, data loss.

Below are a few of the things included in a tune up.

Repair the basic structure of Windows  Optimize your memory configuration  Removing unnecessary temporary files.  Optimize your startup configuration Clean up registry  Repair broken links  And much more!